Tasty Pizza

The Best Pizza in Town.

The newest edition to our family of products. A selection of Tasty Pizza options avilable at selected stores.
Rich Cut

Premium Hot Dogs

Serving the most delicious hot sandwiches in-house. Enjoy our premium hot dog sandwiches at any branch of our stores at any time of day!
Burger Cut

Freshness, Flavor & Burger Fun.

Mouth-watering grilled burgers cooked to perfection from bun to bun.
Just Fresh

Freshly Prepared Every day!

Our in house salad & sandwhich brand using the freshest and most premium ingredients. Whether you are a cold cuts lover, a seafood fanatic or a vegetarian, we’ve got more than 25 sandwiches & salads that will satisfy your appetite.
My Bakery

Cookies, Cupcakes, Treats and more!

Enjoy mouth-watering freshly baked pastries from our My Bakery range.
Ice Cream Swirl

Soft Vanilla Ice-Cream

Add your favorite add-ons to create the perfect cup of ice-cream!  
Premium Coffees

Freshly Brewed Coffees!
Our signature brand that offers a full range of coffees, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Espressos, Teas and frappes. Positioned to be “the best coffee in town.”

Polar Pop

Stay Hydrated with a Selection of Carbonated Beverages

Enjoy filling your cup with our carbonated beverages machine, adding any flavor you like!

Homemade Slushies

Indulge in our homemade slushies, with a variety of flavors to satisfy every taste bud. Whether you like lemons, berries, peaches or mangos we’ve got you covered!

Freshly Roasted Coffee

Kahwetak is characterized by a high-quality mixture of selected coffee beans, whether Arabica or Rubista from different places from all over the world. All types of coffee beans used are carefully selected to ensure the quality, taste and aroma. Freshly roasted, ground and packed Turkish coffee beans made in store. Sold both as a ready-made coffee or as packed coffee beans offered as a retail product.